Save up to 20% with a tailored EI learning path for your company.

We offer a structured learning path based on science of emotional recognition and management and tailored to your company needs. Topics usually recognized at workplace, like crucial conversations, giving feedback or change management, etc. gain a new and deeper perspective when build upon Emotional Intelligence base.
You are welcome to select from a choice of our tested courses, however we strongly recommend getting in contact with us to asses your needs and deliver you the most complete knowledge.

All courses are available as online live classes and delivered by MindTwist. Please email at or for additional info on coaching and multiple use video classes.

Emotional and Cultural Awareness
Duration 12 hr  Number of participants 6-12  Price €950 p/p (ex VAT)

This course provides necessary basic knowledge about emotions, influence they have on our perception of the reality and interpersonal communication.

By completing this course you will:

  • Learn to recognise and manage your own emotions
  • Learn to recognise and manage emotions of others
  • Learn insights on cultural differences of emotional expressions and body language and its influence on communication
  • Enhance your behaviour analysis skills by practicing to collect and process valuable information from 5 communication channels
  • Enhance your capabilities to handle emotionally charged conversations.

Course can be delivered in 2 or 4 parts online or face to face.

Communication Skills and Theory of Misunderstanding
Duration 5 hr  Number of participants 6-12  Price €450 p/p (ex VAT)

Does what we intend to say match what people perceive? Sending a correct message is the key to any conversation and/or negotiation process.

By completing this course you will:

  • Learn to recognise and manage various types of misunderstanding
  • Learn techniques and approaches that will make you a remarkable communicator.

Giving Feedback
Duration 5 hr  Number of participants 6-12  Price €450 p/p (ex VAT)

Whether you are a people manager, team lead, or a team member, you are providing feedback to your peers and subordinates regularly. How to give feedback constructively? How to encourage a positive outcome and do not hurt the feelings of others?

By completing this course you will:

  • Learn types of feedback and biases traps
  • Learn communication strategies
  • Learn and practice to provide feedback successfully to different personality types.

Cultural awareness and Communication
Duration 8 hr  Number of participants 4-8  Price €950 p/p (ex VAT)

Nowadays specialists and experts are hired internationally bringing on board benefits of different point of views, but also challenges of different attitudes and expectations regarding behaviours and communication styles.

By completing this course you will:

  • Learn the theories and models around culture (Hofstede Model, Face, Hall model, language challenge)
  • Practice to recognise and respectfully manage cultural differences in communication
  • Learn what company culture means and how to craft and implement it successfully in your environment.

Psychology of the change Management
Duration 6 hr  Number of participants 6-12  Price €750 p/p (ex VAT)

How to drive changes successfully? How to overcome reluctance and motivate others? How to craft a change mindset? How to make people feel confident during the change process?
This course will answer all these questions and provide you with a powerful plug-n-play framework.

By completing this course you will:

  • Learn how to craft your change story
  • Learn what emotions influence the perception of a change proposal and process, and how to manage them
  • Learn how to involve people of different roles and seniority in the change process
  • Get tools, techniques, and approaches to become a change master

About Us

We are the experts aiming to bring behavioral science, technology and fun together. EQally is the starting point to help people to expand and master communication tools nature and evolution provided us with.

In the world of overflow of unreliable information, we guarantee that all we offer is based on time-proven scientific research.

Our goal is to make science intelligible, easy to use through technology and to experience joyful learning. We aim to make this behavior knowledge to be globally available through our tools because the language of our emotional expressions is Universal.

EQally helps everyone to develop emotional awareness in conversations and the ability to take another person's perspective and learn from them.

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