A User Guide To The Unconscious Mind

by Tatiana Lukyanova

A User Guide To The Unconscious Mind by Tatiana Lukyanova

"At every moment of our existence, emotions play an important social role, having perhaps the major influence on our perception of the world, and how we interact with it. Successful communication, mutual understanding, and agreement are the keys to success in nearly all areas of life."

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What Experts Say?

Tatiana's book is written from the heart. Her sophisticated way of taking the reader into the world of science and research is astonishing. A must-read for everyone who likes to know more about communication and behavior. You will never see the world the same way you used to.

- Pascal Comvalius, MSc

IMI Certified Mediator and Certified Crisis Negotiator at Erickson Mediation Institute

This book offers a look into various psychological aspects of emotions, communication, and decision making. Not only does it help the reader understand their own emotions, but it prepares them to read and understand the emotions of others. The information contained within is critical for negotiators to know and put into practice to be effective at the table! Most people, regardless of their profession, would find this interesting and useful in their daily lives. I recommend it!

- Scott Tillema

Police Lieutenant, TEDx Speaker, FBI trained hostage negotiator

This book is a great introduction to the fascinating world of the subconscious. Written in an easy-going style appropriate for beginner and laypersons, it provides an overview of different aspects of the mind and how it works, with a strong focus on understanding emotions. The book is interspersed with exercises for self-reflection and personal stories from the author, which take the theoretical models and methods and ground them in the real world. Although written for laypersons, it can be a useful tool for professionals to illustrate how to explain some relatively complicated concepts in an easily understandable way.

- Joseph Pelrine

Agile Psychologist

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